Kevin & Mikki Krause
4447 Dry Fork Rd
Hampshire, TN 38461
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  Well, we are about a year into our farm adventure… so,  time for the first blog post, right?  The truth is we had a LOT of infrastructure to build, knowledge to gain, lessons to learn and animals to tend that took priority over our online presence. We HAVE been posting content to Facebook and Instagram, however, so hopefully folks will continue follow us there. While we will ALWAYS have more to learn and do, we know there’s no time like the present to post a few thoughts and updates here as well.

   We weren’t sure where to begin our blog after all this time. Do we introduce ourselves? (isn’t that what the “About Us” section of our website covers?) Do we take you on a virtual farm tour? Tell you what animals we are raising? Do we address our philosophies regarding the small farm vs. the commercial food system? Do we communicate what products we currently have available and where to find them? The perfectionist can really overanalyze the choices, to the point where they never even write the first post!

  So… we thought we’d begin by answering a simple question we’ve been asked a time or two: “Where’d you come up with the name ‘Liberty Trace Farm’? Here goes:

   Given Kevin’s 26 years of military service, we knew we wanted something that reflected our patriotism and reminded us of what we love most about our country. We feel the most important quality America offers is freedom, or “Liberty”. Our reasons for choosing to start a farm were also based upon wanting to liberate ourselves from the industrial food system. We wanted our farm to be an alternative to the giant multinational corporate farms and concentrated animal feeding operations that have become the standard for food production in our nation. We envisioned pastures and forests where the animals roam as freely as is possible while ensuring their safety, all the while keeping true to their innate expressions of themselves– a place where a cow could be a cow–grazing and moving through lush pastures enjoying their favorite grasses and forages; where a pig could be a pig—rooting around the forest floor for nuts and roots; and where a chicken could be a chicken– scratching through the pastures, eating bugs, seeds and grasses. Yes, our animals would experience liberty as well! And finally, we wanted to offer our customers a product that is far superior to what they could find in the grocery store—one that tastes better, looks better, is produced locally, sustainably, is fresher AND, most importantly, more nutritious. After all, how free are we to choose what we purchase and eat, if there is only one option?

   Our farm is located in Hampshire, Tennessee only a few miles from the Natchez Trace Parkway. “The Trace”, as it’s known, is currently a scenic roadway linking Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS. Historically, it was a Native American trail, created by following bison, deer and other game along a geologic ridge line, or high ground. Game would move from the salt licks of central Tennessee, westward to the Mississippi river, and early American’s would follow for the purpose of hunting and feeding their families. Webster’s dictionary defines “trace” as a footpath, trail or roadway. We felt the word “trace” fit in our farm name, because of both our proximity to one of our nation’s most famous trails, AND because the farm would be our pathway to freedom, or liberty, from the sad realities of the corporate industrial food system.

   So, now you know what our name is all about! We hope you enjoyed the tale, and will continue to visit our website, and come visit the farm! We’d love to meet you and show you around!


~Your farmers