Kevin & Mikki Krause
4447 Dry Fork Rd
Hampshire, TN 38461
cell: (850)240-9946

Hi Farm Friends!


Over the past month or so, we’ve had a LOT of visitors here on the farm! We LOVE showing folks around—whether you’re family, friends, customers or just folks driving by, you’re always welcome to have a look around. We are so proud of our animals and the work we’ve done so far on the farm, and are always happy to share it with anyone who’s interested. We do know, however,  that not everyone can drive out for a visit—so we thought about doing a series of posts which take you on a bit of a “tour”, reflecting on the things a visitor would see, and the work we’ve done so far.

The farm is located in Hampshire, Tennessee and we frequently are asked “Where, in the world, IS Hampshire?” Don’t worry—we understand! Hampshire isn’t really a “small town” so much as a little farming community within Maury County, TN. It’s located about an hour southwest of Nashville, TN and about halfway between Columbia, TN and Hohenwald, TN. The population is around 1,500; there’s a post office, several churches, a K-12 school, no stoplights, and THREE wineries, to date. We think Hampshire is PERFECT, complete with scenic rolling hills, lush pastures, and a quaint community with the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet! Who wouldn’t want to visit, right?!

The first thing you’ll see as you near the farm is our farm sign, with our logo. Our logo was created by an amazingly creative family member with a graphic design background, and we couldn’t be happier with it! We upgraded the front fence, cleaned out the old cattle guard, and installed the sign this past year. We think it lets folks know they’re at the right place, especially since there isn’t much of the farm that can be seen from the road. In the future, we hope to add some welcoming landscaping, as well as an itemization of available products, since we do sell directly from the farm.

Farm sign3

Upon entering the driveway, visitors will also encounter the old, looming tobacco barn. We wish we knew more of the barn’s history—like who built it and when. We do know that tobacco was grown on our farm and in the area as late as the 1970s, as many local folks remember cutting and hanging it in the barn to dry during that era. Through the years the barn had fallen victim to neglect. There are a few very large trees growing up right at the walls, and at this point they are likely supporting the structure. When we purchased the farm in 2013, the barn looked like this:

Before Barn


So, we spent some time showing her some love, cleaning off the vines, and cutting and trimming around the structure as much as possible. We also hung the barn star, which proudly adorns her front side. The interior of the barn had also been neglected through the years, becoming a dumping ground for a large junk and trash collection. Cleaning out the inside was, in fact, a bigger job than the outside, but we finally conquered the chaos! There will be more work ahead for her in the future, such as shoring up the concrete supports and replacing rotting and missing boards, but we hope she will continue to welcome farm visitors, and remain a useful and proud farm structure for many years to come. Here’s a how she looks today:




Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed part 1 of the farm tour and will continue to follow our journey! As always, you’re welcome to visit any time.


~Your farmers