Kevin & Mikki Krause
4447 Dry Fork Rd
Hampshire, TN 38461
cell: (850)240-9946


About Us

We are Kevin & Mikki Krause, owners of Liberty Trace Farm.  Our mission is to provide the BEST, most wholesome, delicious, and nutritious food we can to our friends, neighbors, and local communities.  We practice sustainable farming methods modeled after Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. We’re committed to raising our animals the way nature intended by allowing them to express their innate natures on our lush Tennessee pastures in the fresh air and sunshine.

Kevin grew up in rural Iowa, where his grandparents and parents farmed.  He recalls many hours performing farm chores, as well as witnessing the small family farms of the day give way to the larger mono-cultured-corn-centered farming of today.  Kevin left Iowa in 1985 to attend the United States Air Force Academy and retired from the Air Force in 2015 after 26 years of military service.

Mikki is a small-town Oklahoma-girl who did not grow up in either a military or farming family.  She’s relied mostly on her love of adventure and stubborn will to “bloom where she’s planted”, and both of those attributes seem to be serving her in farm life as well.

During a military assignment near Washington, DC, Kevin and Mikki became educated about how far America’s food system had fallen from their ideals.  They read books, watched documentaries, attended seminars, and visited Polyface and other farms, to learn all they could about different production models to implement on a future farm.

In 2015, they set about making their dreams of sustainable farming a reality in Hampshire, TN.