Kevin & Mikki Krause
4447 Dry Fork Rd
Hampshire, TN 38461
cell: (850)240-9946



 Raised in forest & supplemented with Non-GMO, Non-Soy Feed


Biscuit HogLarge Spot HogHog A Frame


Normally Available (Sold out of most, but will be fully restocked by March 2017):

Bacon:  $9.50/lb (sold out)

Breakfast Sausage (1 lb packages, No BHA):  $6.50/lb (sold out)

Breakfast Sausage Links:  $8.00/lb (sold out)

Smoked Sausage Links: $8.00/lb (sold out)

Italian Sausage Links:  $8.00/lb (sold out)

Bratwurst:  $8.00/lb (sold out)

Pork Chops (cut 1″ thick, 2 in a package):  $9.00/lb (sold out)

Ribs: $6.00/lb (sold out)

Picnic Roast (range 3-5 lbs):  $6.00/lb (sold out)

Boston Butt (range 3-5 lbs): $6.00/lb (sold out)

Lard:  $5.00/pint